Pedestrian Right of Way Tips

To date, our blog topics have dealt with specifically your vehicle. This week’s offering is a start to different driving-related safety messages designed to increase your awareness when driving and improve overall safety for you and those in or around your vehicle when you are driving.

Have you ever heard the statement, “they seem as though they are in a world of their own…?” In today’s world there are plenty of distractions. Cell phones, iPods and PDA’s seem to have extended themselves from convenience items to essentials for life. Unfortunately, they are some of the most distracting items for drivers and pedestrians alike. With all these distractions, many motorists seem to be unaware or forget that pedestrians DO HAVE the right of way in a crosswalk, marked or unmarked. 

As drivers, we must always be alert. If you see a pedestrian in a crosswalk, or waiting to cross the street at a cross walk, you MUST yield the right of way. Unlike video games, you do not get points for running down a pedestrian. But most important is that life does not come with a reset button, although sometimes I wish it did. 

Two things you should always remember behind the wheel are:


The Terry Wynter Service Team wants you to remain aware while driving and look for pedestrians. We value more than your business. We value you, our customer. Stay safe!

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Terry Wynter Auto Service Center launches new Web site and blog

Posted October 13th, 2009 by admin and filed in News

Once again leading the way with exceptional customer service and innovation, Terry Wynter Auto Service Center has launched a new Web site,, with groundbreaking new conveniences. Now customers can make appointments online, obtain manufacturer maintenance schedules and communicate with mechanics regarding automotive concerns.

Additionally, the Web site offers comprehensive information about the business’ history, accreditations, affiliations, awards and services; valuable tips on properly maintaining vehicles; links to other informative auto industry Web sites; and much more. Customers can even link to the company’s Facebook page to become a fan and refer friends. Expanded car care tips also will be offered regularly on the shop’s blog:

“There aren’t many auto shops utilizing the Internet for their customers’ convenience to this degree,” says owner Terry Wynter. “We’re always looking for new ways to serve our customers better than anyone else, saving them time and money whenever possible, and the Web is a growing resource.”

Indeed, the Web site adds to an already extensive list of conveniences such as free Wi-Fi in the service center’s comfortable waiting area, complimentary shuttle service, customer workstation and night drop-off.

About Terry Wynter Auto Service Center:
Established in 1996, Terry Wynter Auto Service Center is an independent, family-owned automobile service provider specializing in vehicle maintenance and repair services for individual car owners and commercial fleets. The 11-bay shop is located at 3811 Fowler St., just north of the intersection of Winkler Avenue and Fowler Street. The center’s comprehensive Web site,, offers detailed information about the center’s award-winning history, services, staff, accreditations and affiliations, as well as convenient online ability for making appointments and communicating with technicians via e-mail. For more information, call 239-939-2500 or e-mail Also, keep up with Terry Wynter Auto Service Center online on Facebook and on Twitter,