Tips on getting better gas mileage: use proper fuel

Posted November 10th, 2009 by admin and filed in Car Care Tips, Mileage Tips

Your car’s engine is designed to run on a specific gasoline octane rating. Your owner’s manual will recommend the correct octane level for your fuel choice. Using something other than the manufacturer recommended octane level can cause your engine to perform poorly and inefficiently. This can cause premature maintenance intervals and is a general waste of money.

Keep It Straight
Your vehicle suspension and chassis parts can become misaligned. Other items like bent wheels, axles, bad shocks and broken springs can create unnecessary drag on your car’s engine. Not only does this drag reduce fuel economy, it can be unsafe at high speeds.

Let It Breathe
You would not want to run with your mouth and nose covered, why expect your car to do it. Make sure your engine’s air intake filters are clean. Even if you do not live on a dirt road or desert area, normal contaminants in the air will clog your air filter. These are easily checked during regular maintenance. 

Keep It Clean
Regular trips to the car wash can be money well spent. While you may only improve gas mileage by pennies with a clean and waxed vehicle, in the long run your car’s paint and interior will not wear as quickly and provide more value for trade or sale later. 

Don’t Load It Down
The temptation when traveling by car is to take all you can along with you, especially with small children. Some families buy roof mount luggage packs and even trailers for hauling their must-have stuff. Avoiding outside luggage storage and towing trailers can dramatically increase fuel economy.

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