Small Businesses, Like Terry Wynter Auto Service Center, Possibly Affected by Fiscal Cliff

Thank you to The News-Press for their diligent reporting on the economy and what’s to come for small businesses and all taxpayers. We were proud to participate! Read the story here:

Terry Wynter Featured in Auto Inc. Magazine

Our very own Terry Wynter was featured in this month’s issue of Auto Inc. Magazine, an automotive industry publication from the National Automotive Service Association. In this issue, Terry discusses a common struggle for many small business owners – finding and keeping good employees. Having an employee leave the company can affect customer loyalty, the remaining employees’ morale, your company’s reputation – and ultimately costs your company money.

Understanding what motivates employees and being proactive can help a small business owner when dealing with employees. Check out Terry’s tips for how to effectively interview for new employees and find out some myths about employee satisfaction in Terry’s article:

WINK TV Looks to Our Technician for the Real Facts About Hybrids

Last night, WINK TV conducted a story about the high gas prices and why consumers are switching to hybrids or diesel engine vehicles. WINK turned to our own automotive technician, Troy Cummings, to learn the facts about saving money by “upgrading” to more fuel-efficient vehicles and why you should do your homework before investing your time and money into this new purchase.

Check it out:

Support Your Community, Buy Locally This Holiday Season

With the holidays just around the corner, it is important to start thinking about shopping for your gifts for loved ones! While brainstorming gift ideas, consider purchasing locally this year. By making local purchases, you are boosting our economy in Fort Myers and supporting small businesses and your neighbors.

Having trouble thinking of a gift for a friend or family member? Buying gift certificates from a local retailer or service provider is the perfect solution. Not only do locally-owned businesses give back to the community in fundraisers and charities, but they also supply local employment. Look at it this way: for every $100 spent at a locally-owned business, $68 stays in the local economy. This is a notable difference from the $43 that would stay in the local economy if your money was spent at a national chain. You can help support local business owners while also giving your loved ones the freedom to use their gift certificate exactly how they want.

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Is Your Automobile Acting Spooky Lately?

It’s true, a vehicle can make some “spooky” noises and if they are ignored, can result in a “scary” auto repair bill. Here are some examples:

    • Grinding – the sound of metal to metal scraping together is enough to “send shivers down your spine”. If you hear this noise when braking, the brakes are most likely worn and need immediate attention as it can be a safety issue.
    • Hissing – typically this “creepy” sound is caused by a vacuum hose leak and is usually accompanied by a rough idle.  This can cause the car to stall, therefore, seek professional automotive assistance immediately.
    • Groaning – “Don’t be afraid”, if this happens when you are turning the steering wheel, it usually indicates low power steering fluid.  Adding fluid will stop the noise, however, a trained technician will need to determine why your car lost the fluid.
    • Screeching – This “hair raising” sound most of the time indicates that a belt is worn and needs to be replaced or adjusted.
    • Howling – When your vehicle makes this noise, pay close attention to the details…what, where, when and report them to your service advisor.   It can be several issues such as the alternator, wheel bearings, idler pulley and this information will assist in diagnosing the problem. 

    If you are out after the “witching hour” and notice that the headlights start to dim and electrical features inside of the car start working slower, it means the alternator is failing and will need replacement. 

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Terry presents at the Automotive Service Associations’ National Conference in Orlando!

The national conference, taking place Oct. 5- 8 is also known as Auto Repair and Service Week (ARSW). This premiere event celebrates the technology, respected education and high-quality automotive services and products throughout the mechanical service and repair industry. The event provides service professionals with an opportunity to learn about technological advancements and new equipment available for the auto repair industry. 

We are honored that Terry has been selected as an opening speaker for the forum titled, “The Future of Training Automotive Technicians.” Terry was chosen because of his passion for the auto repair industry and his recognition of the importance of continued education and training and the effect it has had on the success of Terry Wynter Auto Service Center.

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15th Anniversary Reflections

As we celebrate our 15th anniversary at Terry Wynter Auto Service Center we’ve been reflecting on our journey, and we concluded that while many things have changed, some things never will.

Over the last 15 years in business, the biggest change we’ve seen is in technology. Advancements in technology have changed every aspect of operating Terry Wynter Auto Service Center, from tools and diagnostics, to marketing and administration. When the shop opened in 1996, it was a big decision to purchase a computer and operating software for the customer service department. That was at a time when many shops were still using handwritten work orders. Our first computer was a wise investment, and over the years we have continued our commitment to staying current with computer technology. We now have a network of computers that are used for customer service, accounting, parts ordering, technical information, training and many other uses that could not have been imagined when the shop first opened.

15th Anniversary Employees

Employees that were with us during our first year in business: Jimmy Epps, Danny Sanchez, Pixie Toggweiler & Troy Cummings

Pixie Toggweiler, who has been with us since 1996, recalls manually producing monthly billing statements and posting payments by hand. She also recalls collecting documents that needed to be copied and making trips to a copy center. In those days, a copier was considered a cost-prohibitive piece of office equipment. Today, we work much more efficiently with the use of a computer, up-to-date software and a multi-function printer.

Communication with our customers has always been a priority with Terry Wynter Auto Service Center. That is something that has remained a constant since we opened our doors. However, as Jimmy Epps, our service manager, who has been with us from the beginning, has noted, communication methods have changed drastically. Originally, we contacted customers by phone and through the mail. In those days, the pagers we gave customers to alert them when their car was ready for pick-up were considered innovative. We now regularly utilize fax, e-mail, text messages and our website to provide customer conveniences.

As the owner and general manager, Terry has always stressed training and ASE certifications for our staff. He says the delivery of training is much more efficient today with the use of webinars, which is classroom training over the Internet. The Internet has reduced the need for travel time and expense. Our customers benefit from the assurance that our technicians remain current with the best training available.

Our shop has always been located on Fowler Street as noted by Troy Cummings, ASE Master Technician, and this continuity has been a positive for our loyal clientele.  Fowler Street has seen changes through the years, but our customers enjoy this convenient location near the heart of Lee County. 

Our talented team of professionals is a great source of pride to us. As Pixie put it, “One thing that has not changed over the past 15 years is that this is a group of great people to work with.” It has been amazing to watch everyone’s families expand and to see children grow up. We have also been saddened by the loss of some team members. 

Danny Sanchez, ASE Certified Technician recalls how “simple” things were in 1996 when the shop opened. One diagnostic tool was used for all makes and models. This was at the very beginning of the automotive “computer age.” Today’s cars have complicated electronics, some of them with up to 20 computers. To stay current, we invest in the latest equipment and subscribe to manufacturers’ programming and diagnostic information. All of this means that our customers can experience dealership level of service from an independent service provider.

In the very beginning, when Terry Wynter Auto Service Center was an idea and not yet a reality, we (Terry & Kay Wynter) developed the slogan “Service so dependable, I stand behind it with my name.” Today, the message and commitment remains the same, even if the delivery has changed with the times.

To say “Thank You” to our customers, we are giving away 15 $100 gift certificates for auto service. Customers can register in our shop or on our website at Sweepstakes winners will be announced on June 15, 2011. Rules and details available on our website.