Is Your Automobile Acting Spooky Lately?

It’s true, a vehicle can make some “spooky” noises and if they are ignored, can result in a “scary” auto repair bill. Here are some examples:

    • Grinding – the sound of metal to metal scraping together is enough to “send shivers down your spine”. If you hear this noise when braking, the brakes are most likely worn and need immediate attention as it can be a safety issue.
    • Hissing – typically this “creepy” sound is caused by a vacuum hose leak and is usually accompanied by a rough idle.  This can cause the car to stall, therefore, seek professional automotive assistance immediately.
    • Groaning – “Don’t be afraid”, if this happens when you are turning the steering wheel, it usually indicates low power steering fluid.  Adding fluid will stop the noise, however, a trained technician will need to determine why your car lost the fluid.
    • Screeching – This “hair raising” sound most of the time indicates that a belt is worn and needs to be replaced or adjusted.
    • Howling – When your vehicle makes this noise, pay close attention to the details…what, where, when and report them to your service advisor.   It can be several issues such as the alternator, wheel bearings, idler pulley and this information will assist in diagnosing the problem. 

    If you are out after the “witching hour” and notice that the headlights start to dim and electrical features inside of the car start working slower, it means the alternator is failing and will need replacement. 

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