Don’t Wait – 5 Repairs that Can Cost More Later

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We’ve all been there – certain circumstances often cause us to ignore a troubling sound, odor, or sign of wear on our vehicles. Whether it’s finding time in your schedule or funds in your checkbook, it’s easy to put off maintenance or repairs, but that can lead to more expensive work down the road. Here are five examples of vehicle maintenance alerts and repairs you should not delay:

1. Squeaking/squealing brakes

Built-in indicators on disc brake pads warn when they’re worn, and ignoring them could lead to more expensive brake repairs. Catch ’em early and you might just get away with replacing only the pads.

2. Vibrating/pulsing brakes

In addition to the squealing brake pads, you might feel a slight vibration or pulsing when you press the brake pedal. It’s a probable indicator that the brake rotors are beginning to warp. Servicing them right away might require only
less-expensive machining. If the warping gets too severe, the rotors will have to be replaced.

3. Battery/charging light

Has the battery/charging light come on intermittently lately? If so, it could indicate a problem with the alternator’s ability to charge the battery. Have it checked right away, because if the alternator dies while you’re driving, the battery will soon follow – and you could be stranded, while adding a towing charge to your repair.

4. Low coolant level

Has the low-coolant light been on in your car? Don’t ignore it. An engine that’s low on coolant has a much greater risk of overheating, which can severely damage the engine. Topping off the coolant is easy and inexpensive. Visit us if you’re unsure about adding coolant, and ask us to inspect the system for leaks.

5. Timing Belt

Check your Owner’s Manual for the recommended replacement interval for the engine’s timing belt. Having it replaced is one of the more labor-intensive and therefore costly maintenance procedures, but risking the belt breaking could cost much more. For one thing, you’ll never know when it will break, which could strand you and incur towing charges. And on some engines a broken belt can cause severe – and expensive – engine damage.

If your vehicle is making an unusual sound or has provided an alert, don’t wait to schedule an appointment as the problem may get worse as time goes on. Call us at 239.939.2500 to schedule a service appointment or inspection today!

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Scary Cyber Threat Emerges: Your Car is at Risk of Being Hacked

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Picture this: you are driving your usual route to work, when suddenly your steering wheel jerks your car into another lane without you turning it yourself. This scenario is a scary example of what car hackers can do by breaching the computer network within your vehicle.

NBC-2 recently aired a report on this issue, featuring Terry Wynter Auto Service Center’s very own Troy Cummings. Click here to watch the NBC-2 video below that describes how our vehicles are vulnerable to car computer hacking.

Modern cars have more than 30 computer chips that control different aspects of the car and communicate with one another. These systems can give hackers the opportunity to access your computer network and take control of your vehicle. The number of vehicles that are at risk of being hacked is increasing due to the complex implementation of computers within today’s automobile systems.

The addition of advanced and convenient vehicle features exposes owners of these technologically advanced vehicles to the possibility of being hacked. For example, wireless unlocking systems, entertainment systems, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, OnStar and features such as park assist and adaptive cruise control have the potential to allow hackers to breach your vehicle’s computer network and override its signals, putting your vehicle at risk. With this access, hackers can flash the lights, unlock doors, track the location of the car, and control brakes, acceleration and the steering wheel. Hackers can also gain access to your vehicle and turn your car on or off remotely.

According to the report A Survey of Remote Automotive Attack Surfaces hackers trick different operating systems within the vehicle’s network to act a certain way. This report shared a list of the most and least vulnerable cars that are on the market today:

Most Vulnerable

  1. 2014 Jeep Cherokee
  2. 2015 Cadillac Escalade
  3. 2014 Infiniti Q50

Least Vulnerable

  1. 2014 Dodge Viper
  2. 2014 Audi A8
  3. 2014 Honda Accord

Here are a few tips to protect your vehicle from hackers:

  • Stay up-to-date on this issue and make sure that you are monitoring your vehicle’s manufacturer for recalls
  • Learn more about your specific vehicle and what wireless systems it has that may put you at risk
  • Only take your vehicle to reputable auto service centers
  • If you use OnStar, make sure that your password and account information is stored safely and away from your car to keep that information from falling into the wrong hands
  • Be careful about the devices you plug into your vehicle, as it can introduce malicious software
  • If you ever suspect that your vehicle has been tampered with, promptly take it to your trusted auto care professional for an assessment

For more information about what the government is doing to combat car hackers, check out this report or contact one of Terry Wynter Auto Service Center’s experienced technicians by calling 239-939-2500.

A Message from a Happy Customer: A Nightmare Situation Resolved with Ease

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shutterstock_207838102At Terry Wynter Auto Service Center, our mission is to maximize customer convenience on every visit, while remaining focused on delivering affordable and dependable service. We understand that unexpected car care experiences are inconvenient – but we always strive to make your experience as easy as possible.

After a recent customer service situation, we had a couple send us a letter of gratitude thanking us for the way we handled their difficult situation. We provided reliable customer service that made them feel confident about their repair and the service they received.

Read their letter below to find out how we turned a frustrating event into a great customer service experience!

November 20, 2014

My wife and I would like to thank you and your staff for the great service we received on Nov 18th, 2014. I was pulling into the Eye Centers of Florida Surgical center for eye surgery at seven a.m. when my serpentine belt came off of my car. We had just driven 65 miles south from our home in Rotunda West, FL.

We didn’t know what to do but were fortunate that a lady, one of your customers, had your business card in her purse. I called to see if you could do the work and you said you would. I gave the phone to my wife to give you the information you needed because I had to go in for my surgery.

My wife called our road and tow service and he was there in about twenty minutes. He told her to stay with your husband and the garage would let us know when the car was done. My wife was alone and upset, but because of how kind and thoughtful you all were to her she felt everything would be fine.

When I came out of surgery, your driver was there to take us to your garage. He helped me into your van and helped me out and into my van while my wife took care of the bill. The bill was less than I had expected.

Thank you so much for turning what could have been a nightmare into a walk in the park.

Eugene and Beverly
Rotunda West, FL


Want to share your experience with Terry Wynter Auto Service Center? Review us on Yelp and on Angies List today! 

Small Businesses, Like Terry Wynter Auto Service Center, Possibly Affected by Fiscal Cliff

Thank you to The News-Press for their diligent reporting on the economy and what’s to come for small businesses and all taxpayers. We were proud to participate! Read the story here:

Terry presents at the Automotive Service Associations’ National Conference in Orlando!

The national conference, taking place Oct. 5- 8 is also known as Auto Repair and Service Week (ARSW). This premiere event celebrates the technology, respected education and high-quality automotive services and products throughout the mechanical service and repair industry. The event provides service professionals with an opportunity to learn about technological advancements and new equipment available for the auto repair industry. 

We are honored that Terry has been selected as an opening speaker for the forum titled, “The Future of Training Automotive Technicians.” Terry was chosen because of his passion for the auto repair industry and his recognition of the importance of continued education and training and the effect it has had on the success of Terry Wynter Auto Service Center.

If you have questions or want to learn more about automobile technological advancements and auto repair tips sign up for our e-newsletter at

The 21st Century Automotive Shop

We were recently interviewed by Auto Inc. in celebration of the 60th Anniversary of Automotive Service Association to discuss what it takes to be a successful automotive shop in today’s auto care industry. Here is a Q & A from our interview:  

What does shop management look like in a 21st century automotive shop and how does it differ from the past? Is there an emphasis on training and continued education?   

Technology has given shop managers freedom that could not have been imagined in the past. With the use of GotomyPC, we are able to access our shop computer from any location that has internet access. The downsize of portable computers such as the Dell Inspiron Mini Notebook and the Apple iPad have also provided convenience. Training and education have benefited immensely from technological advances.  It is no longer a requirement that shop owners and employees take time away from work to attend training classes. Webinars have made training less costly and more efficient. We have invested in computers for training purposes and smart phones for our management and customer service employees. We strive to provide the best customer service and keeping up with technology and continued education is the key to our success.

How have you used social networking and the internet as a marketing tool for your business?

A number of years ago, we realized the importance of a presence on the internet and developed a website for Terry Wynter Auto Service Center. This marketing tool has proven to be invaluable as internet marketing has become an important source of referrals. We also created a blog to provide our customers with the latest auto care news and tips.

Most recently, we set up a Facebook page and Twitter account. These social networking sites have made it easy for us to connect with our customers while providing valuable automotive, service and maintenance tips. This inexpensive marketing tool has produced referrals and created an additional presence for Terry Wynter Auto Service Center on the internet.     

Although it’s a challenge to stay current with technology considering social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter were not even in our vocabulary a few years ago, we have found this inexpensive form of marketing incredibly useful.  

Do you provide specialized servicing in your automotive shop?

We have recognized that the female customer has become a major decision maker when it comes to automotive repairs. This is drastically different from years past.  In an effort to appeal to this important customer, we offer free Knowledge is Power Women’s Car Care Seminars to assist women in becoming more informed consumers.

How has today’s automotive shop visually changed? 

A focus on cleanliness and organization is of utmost importance in today’s shops as most customers do not have any understanding of what takes place in the shop.  Cars have become much more complicated and most customers make their judgment of a shop’s competence by the shop’s appearance and the professionalism of the employees. This is especially true for the female customer.

What amenities play a role in today’s automotive repair shops?

Convenience is an important feature of our mission statement. We offer customer conveniences such as Wi-Fi, a coffee bar, shuttle service, and a comfortable waiting area. 

Are tools different today, in a 21st century shop, than they were years ago?

The evolution of tools in our industry is happening at a rapid pace. We have gone from a tool box of primarily hand tools to some electronic tools in the 80’s when engine analyzers became available.  Fast forward to today when we use scan tools that fit in the palm of your hand and data is being streamed over the internet for reprogramming.

We’re honored by the opportunity to share what we have done to make Terry Wynter Auto Service Center a successful 21st century automotive shop. We look forward to continue providing affordable and dependable auto service to the Southwest Florida community. Visit to learn more.

15th Anniversary Reflections

As we celebrate our 15th anniversary at Terry Wynter Auto Service Center we’ve been reflecting on our journey, and we concluded that while many things have changed, some things never will.

Over the last 15 years in business, the biggest change we’ve seen is in technology. Advancements in technology have changed every aspect of operating Terry Wynter Auto Service Center, from tools and diagnostics, to marketing and administration. When the shop opened in 1996, it was a big decision to purchase a computer and operating software for the customer service department. That was at a time when many shops were still using handwritten work orders. Our first computer was a wise investment, and over the years we have continued our commitment to staying current with computer technology. We now have a network of computers that are used for customer service, accounting, parts ordering, technical information, training and many other uses that could not have been imagined when the shop first opened.

15th Anniversary Employees

Employees that were with us during our first year in business: Jimmy Epps, Danny Sanchez, Pixie Toggweiler & Troy Cummings

Pixie Toggweiler, who has been with us since 1996, recalls manually producing monthly billing statements and posting payments by hand. She also recalls collecting documents that needed to be copied and making trips to a copy center. In those days, a copier was considered a cost-prohibitive piece of office equipment. Today, we work much more efficiently with the use of a computer, up-to-date software and a multi-function printer.

Communication with our customers has always been a priority with Terry Wynter Auto Service Center. That is something that has remained a constant since we opened our doors. However, as Jimmy Epps, our service manager, who has been with us from the beginning, has noted, communication methods have changed drastically. Originally, we contacted customers by phone and through the mail. In those days, the pagers we gave customers to alert them when their car was ready for pick-up were considered innovative. We now regularly utilize fax, e-mail, text messages and our website to provide customer conveniences.

As the owner and general manager, Terry has always stressed training and ASE certifications for our staff. He says the delivery of training is much more efficient today with the use of webinars, which is classroom training over the Internet. The Internet has reduced the need for travel time and expense. Our customers benefit from the assurance that our technicians remain current with the best training available.

Our shop has always been located on Fowler Street as noted by Troy Cummings, ASE Master Technician, and this continuity has been a positive for our loyal clientele.  Fowler Street has seen changes through the years, but our customers enjoy this convenient location near the heart of Lee County. 

Our talented team of professionals is a great source of pride to us. As Pixie put it, “One thing that has not changed over the past 15 years is that this is a group of great people to work with.” It has been amazing to watch everyone’s families expand and to see children grow up. We have also been saddened by the loss of some team members. 

Danny Sanchez, ASE Certified Technician recalls how “simple” things were in 1996 when the shop opened. One diagnostic tool was used for all makes and models. This was at the very beginning of the automotive “computer age.” Today’s cars have complicated electronics, some of them with up to 20 computers. To stay current, we invest in the latest equipment and subscribe to manufacturers’ programming and diagnostic information. All of this means that our customers can experience dealership level of service from an independent service provider.

In the very beginning, when Terry Wynter Auto Service Center was an idea and not yet a reality, we (Terry & Kay Wynter) developed the slogan “Service so dependable, I stand behind it with my name.” Today, the message and commitment remains the same, even if the delivery has changed with the times.

To say “Thank You” to our customers, we are giving away 15 $100 gift certificates for auto service. Customers can register in our shop or on our website at Sweepstakes winners will be announced on June 15, 2011. Rules and details available on our website.  

Terry Wynter Auto quoted in national story

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Terry and Kay were quoted in this national story from the Associated Press about what do to when your car reached 100,000 miles! It’s good to know we have national experts right here in Southwest Florida!

Our website earns national recognition

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At the recent FPRA Image Awards, we won an award of distinction for our newly designed website. Now, we’re receiving national recognition for the new site. Read the article on

Terry Wynter Auto Service Center website wins award

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The Southwest Florida Chapter of the Florida Public Relations Association honored Terry Wynter Auto Service Center with an award of distinction for its newly-designed website at the 2010 Image Awards. was the only website to garner an award at the annual competition, which recognizes outstanding public relations programs in Southwest Florida. Winners demonstrate the very best examples of innovation, planning and design.

“Our new website demonstrates our commitment to customer convenience and we are happy to see it is recognized as an outstanding communication tool,” says owner Terry Wynter.

Features of the website include the ability to make appointments online, obtain manufacturer maintenance schedules and communicate with mechanics regarding automotive concerns. Additionally, the site offers valuable tips on properly maintaining vehicles; comprehensive information about the business’ history, accreditations, affiliations, awards and services; links to other informative auto industry websites; and much more.

Established in 1996, Terry Wynter Auto Service Center is an independent, family-owned automobile service provider specializing in vehicle maintenance and repair services for individual car owners and commercial fleets. The 11-bay shop is located at 3811 Fowler St., just north of the intersection of Winkler Avenue and Fowler. For more information visit, call 239-939-2500 or e-mail Also, keep up with Terry Wynter Auto Service Center online on Facebook and on Twitter,